Cliff's Notes

Facebook Has Settled the Argument About Disruption Media

When Facebook, the 80-pound digital gorilla, needed to rebrand itself and try to re-attract an audience, it chose television to do so. I have never been comfortable with the way digital media evangelists choose to position broadcast media as “disruption media”. I am not saying that I don’t believe in the tremendous strength of social…
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One Sentence Marketing

The reality in business is if you can’t describe your business to a prospect in one sentence, something is wrong. Let me start by confessing that I am not known for my brevity both in speaking and writing. However, I have accepted that in today’s limited attention world you have to be even more concise…
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5 Things To Make Your Marketing More Effective Today

1. Listen to the Voice of Your Customer In a perfect world it would be great to interact one-on-one with a large portion of your customer base - however, for most businesses, that’s not realistic. So here are some ways you can make sure you are hearing the voice of your customer: Brief Customer Satisfaction…
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Media Mix is Out, Media Leveraging is In

For a longtime the marketing world has talked about having a media mix which meant having a sampling of various media – each working separately to contribute to an overall marketing goal or strategy. In today’s media world, there must be a new approach to all media assets and that is leveraging. Leveraging allows you…
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