Since taking over our marketing in 2010, CFMG has brought substantial change and considerable cost savings to our marketing efforts. They have developed a new & well-focused creative strategy that is executed throughout our media.

To Whom It May Concern:

Associates & Bruce L. Scheiner has been an advertising law firm in southwest Florida since the Florida Bar first permitted personal injury attorneys to advertise in the 1970's. We have spent tens of millions of dollars in an effort to reach people who have been injured in all the major forms of media.

In this last year or year and a half, we were concerned that our marketing efforts were not performing as well as they could be despite the fact that we had an advertising agency, marketing consultant and internal marketing people. I was referred to the Customer Focused Marketing Group by a fellow attorney who had been working with the company for the last couple of years. He indicated to me that he had a well developed and focused marketing plan managed by professional marketing people who were focused on growing his practice in a cost effective way. As a result of this recommendation, we interviewed and subsequently hired CFMG.

Since taking over our marketing in March 2010, CFMG has already brought substantial change and considerable cost savings to our marketing efforts. They have developed a new and well focused creative strategy that is being executed throughout all our media. CFMG examined, evaluated and made efforts to improve every facet of our marketing program including electronic media, outdoor, digital media and event marketing strategy. The team was able to weed out unnecessary expenses and concentrate those dollars in successful Medias that are trackable in order to show accountability.

Throughout the process, CFMG has exhibited tremendous professional expertise and integrity. Their fee base business mode helps ensure that all of their recommendations are without bias or consideration for their own personal gain. We feel very confident in the research and suggestions CFMG provides us. They are very thorough which helps us understand their insights.

I would recommend CFMG to any business looking to have a better focus and cost effective marketing strategy executed with professionalism and personal service. Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any questions concerning J. Clifford Winkler or the Customer Focused Marketing Group.

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Bruce Scheiner (Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner),